Startup Investor Business Pitch Deck


Startup Investor Business Pitch Deck | This template presentation is designed to give a short summary of your company, your business plan and your startup vision. Once completed, you will be able to send this document to investors. 

If you are going to prepare a startup investor pitch deck for an investor, this template is the best choice. Because it includes all the slides which a startup needs.

For example:

  • Problem Slides
  • Solution Slides
  • Market Size Slides
  • Business Model Slides
  • Competition Slides
  • Marketing Plans Slides
  • Market Strategy Slides
  • Team Slides (Who we are as an introduction)
  • Traction Slides
  • Projection Slides (Project showcases)
  • Timeline Slides
  • Needs Slides
  • Contact Slides
  • and many more

Key Features:

  • Total 34 Slides
  • 16x9 Aspect Ratio (HD Quality) for presentation
  • Fully Editable Elements
  • Pixel Perfect Quality
  • Vector Icons (Simple and Line Icons)
  • Designed based on Master Slide (Easy to organize slides)
  • Picture Place Holder (Easy to add the Pictures)

Startup Investor Business Pitch Deck

Startup Investor Business Pitch Deck

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