How long does it take to complete a project?
Well, to be depends on your needs. It usually takes anywhere between 4-8 weeks for a COMPLETE rebrand. Let's chat about what you need and together we can create a timeline that works for the all of us!
Do you guys have payment plans available?
Of course! The payment schedule is 50/25/25. A deposit equaling 50% of the total cost is due at contract signing. 25% is due approximately at the halfway point of your project. The remaining 25% is due when the project is complete.
I don't know anything about maintaining a website! Will I be able to manage my own site after you turn it over to me?
Don't worry! We will provide you with a tutorial to help you maintain your brand yourself. If it feels overwhelming at any point you can always reach out to us for continued support. We're here to help!
Will I have a strong online presence by getting your services?
Our mission is to improve your visualization in the digital marketing world. So yes, you will!
I have a low budget. Can I still become a client?
We understand that every single client is different, and so is their financial budget. We have different plans and add-ons depending on your needs.
Can I cancel at any time?
It depends on the project we are working on, and the specifications of the contractual agreement signed at the beginning of the project. It is important to mention that since we are constantly looking for our client satisfaction, we do whatever it takes to avoid this kind of situation by delivering an outstanding service.